MMW Virtual Industries


Welcome to MMW Virtual Industries. We Specialize in making Space Engineers Game Movie Machinima with in the KEEN simulation.  This recreates a virtual structural steel fabrication company like those based in Dallas metal fabrication.  The light and heavy steal armor blocks faithfully model real word steal armor physics with the Space Engineers and replicate what any structural steel fabrication company would have to go through to R + D these virtual steel fabrication structures.

As you can see the design philosophy of the BattleFleet Gothic is carried on with the technology of the space engineers verse.  Our tech priests and engineers of the adeptus mechanicus carry on the imperial tradition of ship building and battle fleet tactics as true steel structural engineers.

We have our main corporate holding on the Mars planet as well as our orbital ship yards and development facilities. You are welcome to tour our Space Engineers Game Movie Machinima for virtual structural steel fabrication engineers.

With local Flint lofi Electronica Music by Flint Custom  MMW Virtual Industries is the next generation R + D platform for structural steel fabrication companies especially in Dallas.  You can even do a BMW motor works engine swap within the simulation. If so inclined to be a virtual structured steel fabrication company. Cool huh?

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