The MMW Virtual Industries BUC-1 Basic Utility Craft One is developed by MMW Virtual Industries. Here at MMW Virtual Industries we strive to give you the best possible termination machines in the Space Engineers by Kean model simulation. The BUC-1 is equipped with several large atmospheric thrusters. This allows quick movement and transitioning in any atmospheric or semi atmospheric theater in the Space Engineers model.

The BUC-1 by MMW Virtual Industries is unarmed but has a merge block hardpoint. This hard point can be utilized for cargo or weapons emplacements. The Tad Pole cruise missile is one option. The main utilization would be for passenger and cargo transport with in Space Engineers theater. The BUC-1 Basic Utility Craft One has a tremendous speed and lift capability with 2 large and several small electric turbine atmospheric thrusters. The BUC-1 is made of predominately light armored blocks in Space Engineers, so the BUC-1 is not suitable for a front line combat role.

The Basic Utility Craft One by MMW Virtual Industries main role in Space Engineers Theater is of personal or Cargo transport. With the merge block hard point a team of BUC-1’s could be outfitted to mine and refine ore in Space Engineers for example.

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