Bull Ant Hover Tank

The MMW Virtual Industries Bull Ant Hover Tank is a medium-light hover tank developed by MMW Virtual Industries. Here at MMW Virtual Industries we strive to give you the best possible termination machines in the Space Engineers by Keen model simulation. The Bull Ant hover tank is equipped with several large atmospheric thrusters. This allows quick movement and transitioning in any atmospheric or semi atmospheric theater in the Space Engineers model.

The Bull Ant hover tank by MMW Virtual Industries is armed with the Grass Hopper cruise missile system as it’s main armament. The Grass Hopper cruise missile is capable of ground or air launch with user guided control or auto pilot control. Once reaching it’s target the Grass Hopper cruise missile by MMW Virtual Industries detonates it’s warheads after penetration of the heaviest of armor in Space Engineers. The Grass Hopper cruise missile is built of entirely heavy armor blocks and thus has a very large kinetic impact mass.

After the Space Pirate drone attack on the BUC-1 Basic Utility Craft MMW Virtual Industries Bull Ant hover tanks armed with Grass Hopper cruise missiles Bull Ant hover tanks were called into the Space Engineers theater. As documented the Grass Hopper cruise missiles were extremely effective at clearing the lightly defended Space Pirate mining outpost. Termination of aggressors was quick and efficient as safety and freedom were restored by MMW Virtual Industries in Space Engineers.

The Bull Ants main function is as a ground based delivery system with 2 merge block hard points to tout around cruise missiles such as the Grass Hopper or Tad Pole cruise missile. These hard points can also be utilized for boosters to take the Bull Ant hover tank to and from space. The merge blocks may also serve any other utilitarian purpose such as drone delivery etc.

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