MMW Virtual Industries

Welcome to MMW Virtual Industries We are a Virtual interstellar corporation. We went through the eye of terror from the Gothic sector and wound up with the space engineers. Adapting to our new reality we began developing weapons of war to subdue this verse. We carry on the rogue trading ethics of the nobles and seize this verse for the emperor. You are invited to browse our creations.

The Mantis Medium Bomber from MMW Virtual Industries is the preferred atmospheric aerial delivery system for the Grass Hopper Cruise Missile.   The Mantis medium bomber carries up to four cruise missiles or other drone craft on its 4 merge block hard points.  Capable of reaching the atmospheric ceiling quickly with it’s multiple large electric atmospheric turbines.  The Mantis medium bomber also has 3 automated missile turrets to quickly remove any lower flying aerial threats in the space engineers theater.  With full on board Command and Control capabilities the Mantis medium Bomber from MMW Virtual Industries is prepared to unleash it’s drone or cruise missile payload on the space pirates or any other faction in Space Engineers.

MMW Virtual Industries Industries BUC-1 Basic utility Craft One.

MMW Virtual Industries Bull Ant and Grasshopper Cruise Missile System.

As you can see the design philosophy of the SPace Engineers BattleFleet Gothic is carried on with the technology of the  verse.  MMW Virtual Industries tech priests and engineers of the adeptus mechanicus carry on the imperial tradition of ship building and battle fleet tactics.

We have our main corporate holding on the Mars planet as well as our orbital ship yards and development facilities.  You are welcome to tour our facilities.